DAOU announces next Soul of a Lion release

In honor of their father’s birthday on April 7, co-proprietors and brothers Georges and Daniel Daou of DAOU Family Estates have announced the next vintage release of 2019 Estate Soul of a Lion.

 Exclusively sourced from the DAOU Mountain Estate in the premier Adelaida district of Paso Robles, Soul of a Lion is the crown jewel of DAOU and commemorates the brothers’ enduring tribute to their father, Joseph Daou. Launching April 7, the critically acclaimed flagship Cabernet Sauvignon, 2019 Estate Soul of a Lion release is dedicated to the man who made it all possible through hope, courage, and perseverance.

“The original soul of a lion, our father, endowed us with unwavering love, passion, and courage throughout our lives,” said co-proprietor Georges Daou. “His pursuit of the extraordinary drove us to discover DAOU Mountain—and to embark on a dream decades in the making. 2019 Soul of a Lion is a wine that proudly honors him and will always be released on his birthday in years to come.”

“Soul of a Lion is the pride of our family, and the exemplary 2019 vintage makes this release particularly special,” said Winemaker and Co-Proprietor Daniel Daou. “2019 Soul of a Lion is beautifully structured, balanced, and powerful with ultra-high phenolic levels. It’s everything I hope to accomplish with this wine and a wonderful tribute to my beloved father.”

Made from the finest vineyard blocks on DAOU Mountain, Soul of a Lion is the masterwork of Winemaker Daniel Daou, who combines technical innovation with an artist’s touch. 2019 was an exemplary vintage in the Adelaida Hills that showcases how well adapted Bordeaux varieties are to the terroir of DAOU Mountain. 

Known for his restless spirit of innovation, Daniel has developed a proprietary phenolics management system that combines rigorous data collection and analysis with sensory observations to achieve exceptional color, tannin, and mouthfeel year after year. 

Through exhaustive trials, Daniel has also isolated a proprietary DAOU Mountain yeast that is used for all vinification to ensure a completely authentic expression. 

2019 Estate Soul of a Lion displays a rare balance of power, density, and elegance attributed to high phenolic quality and character.

WINEMAKER DANIEL DAOU – TASTING NOTES (Cabernet Sauvignon 78%, Cabernet Franc 12%, Petit Verdot 10%) This wine explodes from the glass with a kaleidoscope of aromas and flavors, including blackberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, dark cherry, sweet tobacco, and licorice. An added floral dimension imparts an integrated sense of elegance and freshness. While full-bodied with ultra-high phenolic levels, this wine maintains its evenness and poise through an extraordinarily long finish. Structured, balanced, and powerful, the 2019 Soul of a Lion will reveal its full magnitude after several years of careful cellaring. – Winemaker Daniel Daou
2019 VINTAGE NOTES (DAOU Mountain, Paso Robles AVA, Adelaida District): 2019 produced possibly the greatest vintage DAOU Mountain has ever experienced, with heavy rains during dormancy, moderate temperatures and extended hang time yielding a mighty harvest. The ample winter rainfall—close to 40 inches total—gave way to a healthy cover crop that replenished the soil’s micronutrient levels. The climate throughout the growing season was perfect, with temperatures mostly in the 80s and 90s, and not a single day reaching 100 degrees during the entire year. The harvested grapes arrived in exquisite condition, showing no damage, sunburn or shriveling. The resulting wines are marked by elegance and power, with moderate alcohols and great acidity that promise excellent longevity.

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