​Law Changes Promoting Growth for Kentucky Wineries​

Two law changes recently for the state of Kentucky have helped give a boost to smaller wineries and Purple Toad is capitalizing on them.

​Steven Dossey, the Paducah, Kentucky facility’s General Manager and winemaker, shared with Vintner that the ability to sell direct to consumers and continue to grow in volume without a change in license are both being taken advantage of.

It all starts with working with state legislators. Purple Toad as an independent winery even took the extra step to hire a lobbyist to fight for the two bills to come into law.

Previously if a winery were to exceed the limit of 100,000 ​gallons, ​the winery would lose their license and would no longer be able to have a tasting room or set up booths at fairs​, ​festivals ​, or other various events —​ ​such as Kentucky Derby Wine Festival​ —​ around the state.

​”​Our owners ​(June and Allen Dossey) ​were very passionate about these changes as they were elected to serve as the president and secretary on the Kentucky Wineries Association and made this a primary goal during their time in the elected position​,” Steven Dossey said.​

​The gallon limit for the state​’​s small farm winery license has been increased from 100,000 to 500,000 gallons per year.

​”​This allows wineries like ours at Purple Toad, to continue to grow and expand regionally​ and ​nationally​,” Steven Dossey said.

​Now ​wineries in Kentucky are allowed​​ DTC shipping into the state which opens up a new market for wineries outside of Kentucky. ​​This also allows wineries within the state to ship to those states who require reciprocity. ​That has opened more than 40% of the country for Purple Toad and they have started to promote on social media where consumers can find them along with giving free shipping on smaller orders during the pandemic.​

​Photo courtesy Purple Toad Winery​

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