A Look Inside One Family-Owned Winery’s Renaming Process

When wineries evolve from a single brand to a company with multiple brands, it’s not uncommon to see them announce a name change.

Bogle Vineyards — whose parent company recently announced it was changing its name to Bogle Family Wine Collection — is among those that have checked that box on their expanding footprint bingo card.

Jody Bogle, Vice President of Consumer Relations, who runs the family-owned company based in Clarksburg, California with her brothers Warren and Ryan Bogle, said they’re small enough that it worked for them to keep the process entirely in house.

All told, it was fairly simple, she said.

“We don’t have large board or group of shareholders, so it was discussed between myself, my brothers and our senior staff,” Bogle said. 

In the end, the “Bogle Family Wine” piece of the equation came naturally. The discussion centered around whether to make the last word “portfolio” or “collection.”

“Collection felt more personal,” Bogle said. “We have always wanted to be the winery that folks feel like they have a connection with. Portfolio feels corporate and removed. You have a collection of things you love, a collection of things that are important to you.”

The company, which first bottled wine under the Bogle Family Vineyards label in the 1970s, decided to make the change to reflect the family-winery’s growing brand portfolio of Bogle Family Vineyards, Juggernaut Wines, Phantom Wines and Twenty Acres by Bogle.

“We’ve been evolving for a long time,” Bogle said. “We’ve been changing from more of a singular wine brand to more of a company with a diverse portfolio. We have more innovation to come, so it became clear that our name needed to represent what we do here, but also our roots, so that’s how our name was born.”

Bogle offered one piece of advice for family-run wineries deciding whether to change their name.

“My biggest tip would be that sometimes the smallest changes are OK,” she said. “We really only changed a few words, but just for us it’s about trying to convey your values, keep your roots, and stay true to who you are. 

“That’s why a simple name change for us made sense, and I think that’s important for any company.”

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