Automation in Process & Customer Service

A part of a winery’s growth can be attributed to being able to pinpoint processes that can be computerized or automated, being it in process or in developing better customer service.

​Especially in this new age of how to handle working with the public.

Just this week, Billsboro Winery plans to launch a third-party automated reservation system to its website.

“I envision the reopen after Covid-19 to require us to see fewer people at one time and with required social distancing between guests,” said co-owner of the Geneva, New York winery, Kim Aliperti. “Our previous model of standing at the bar, side-by-side, is no longer viable. We plan to move to table service and reservation only.

“I feel this is the best way to not only keep our employees safe — our visitors come from all over — but also provide guests a level of comfort with our protocols.”

Aliperti said going with an automated reservation system just makes sense. She said that the company, FareHarbor, is very simple and user-friendly and free training is included.

“I anticipate it will have a positive ROI, as it doesn’t cost us anything to use it, and a small fee is applied to the customer when booking,” she said. “Booking made directly through us will also be available with no fee associated.

“I think it will help us to bring in customers.”

​On the production side,​ ​Steven Dossey, ​the ​General Manager​ and winemaker​ for ​Purple Toad Winery​ in​ Paducah, ​Kentucky added an automatic crossflow filter in the Summer of 2019.

Previously the winery had been using plate and frame filters.

​”​This has greatly increased productivity​,” he said. “The crossflow filter is ​20 times faster than our old plate​-​and​-​frame filter and is also completely automatic from start to finish.

​”It has taken the stress of hard to filter wines down to next to nothing.​”​

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