Balletto Hits Sustainability Milestone after Going 100% Solar Powered

Balletto Vineyards, a family-owned estate winery in Sonoma County, announced that that they have officially saved more than 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the environment (the equivalent of about 8,000 trees planted) since going 100% solar powered in 2022.

Last year, they installed 1,000 solar panels, totaling 60,000 square feet, that power the winery, tasting room, event center, vineyard housing, and four electric vehicle charging stations in their visitor parking lot.

Balletto Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery, led by Sonoma County natives John and Terri Balletto. The solar panels were installed by Taylor Energy, another local, family-owned company.

“Seeing the success of our solar power installation over the course of this last year has been exciting, and being able to use the money saved from utility bills to reinvest in the vineyards is the most important part of this project. We want to ensure the health of our vineyards, business, and people by making the most sustainable choices that we can,” said Vice President & Winemaker Anthony Beckman.

With the Russian River Valley celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Balletto is proud to be a part of the list of wineries with rich history in the area. Though a vegetable farm four decades ago, the Ballettos worked with neighboring farmers and winemakers to grow the area into the tight-knit community that it is today. The foundation was set for the moment the Balletto’s started planting vines in 1995.

“This milestone in our sustainability journey is a testament to our vision of becoming the most sustainable winery possible, allowing generations of Ballettos to continue in the family wine business and celebrate another 40 years of success in the Russian River Valley,” says John Balletto, President & Founder of Balletto Vineyards. “Solar power is another important step in what has been a 13-year process of commitment to these practices.”

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