Bonterra Brings Climate-Friendly Practices to Life with “Tastes Like Saving the Planet” Ad Campaign

Bonterra Organic Vineyards, America’s leading organic winery, is expanding its consumer reach with an advertising campaign launching today that puts the brand’s sustainable ethos and environmental credentials in the spotlight. Developed by Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Humanaut, the agency known for lifting the visibility of organic consumer brands, Bonterra’s digitally focused“Tastes Like Saving the Planet” campaign is a departure from traditional mass-media wine promotion, appealing directly to consumers looking to change the world through their purchases—with a sip of good humor on the side.

Experience the interactive Multichannel News Release here:

“Research indicates that consumers are more receptive when branded communications about sustainability- and climate-focused topics incorporate humor, and this inspired us to develop something unique,” said Rodrigo Maturana, vice president of marketing for Bonterra, of the campaign spots that gently poke fun at clichés associated with tasting wine. “The new campaign allows us to make meaningful connections with the many wine fans who care about the environment and also appreciate a lighthearted approach.”

Inviting audiences to “experience the delicious, totally tasteful taste of saving the planet,” Bonterra’s tongue-in-cheek video ads appear predominantly on popular streaming platforms Hulu and YouTube along with a targeted mix of culinary-, entertainment- and wellness-tailored digital media networks. Against a backdrop of ever-greater online video viewership, Hulu recently clocked 48% growth in usage over the same period last year,1 while YouTube now accounts for 40% of all advertising-based video-on-demand watch time.2

The 2020 California Green Medal winner in the Environment category, Bonterra has long been devoted to regenerative agriculture, farming exclusively organically since 1987. The winery’s mindful approach to farming includes beneficial practices like cover cropping, reduced tillage, compost application, animal grazing, integrated pest management, wildlife integration, and conservation of nearly 50% of its land as preserved wildland. These practices increase soil fertility and enhance the resilience of vineyards, with research indicating that regenerative agriculture leads to measurable climate benefits like increased organic carbon storage. Beyond the vineyard, Bonterra is certified Zero Waste and CarbonNeutral®, and its energy is 100% green.

“At Bonterra, we know that good wine and climate-smart practices aren’t mutually exclusive,” noted Maturana. “We are excited to share our values in a fun way, and are confident this campaign will introduce Bonterra to environmentally conscious consumers who enjoy great wine and a bit of humor. With the brand up +18% this year3 and a fresh new approach to storytelling tailored to the digital age, we see a bright future for America’s favorite organic winery.”

Find Bonterra wines at retailers nationwide and online, and view and learn more about the Tastes Like Saving the Planet campaign at Bonterra’s website.

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