Bordeaux Showcases Next Gen Winemakers With 3-Liter Bottle Promo

The Bordeaux wine region is celebrating the achievements of their Next Gen winemakers with a special big bottle promotion in New York this holiday season. The Bordeaux Big Bottles program debuted just as Bordeaux reached a new milestone in their commitment to sustainability efforts: over 75% of the region’s vineyard plantings are now certified sustainable. Next Gen winemakers are at the forefront of many sustainable initiatives ranging from vineyard and cellar management, preservation of natural habitats and resources to workplace safety and supply chain efficiency. No single model of sustainability is the same, but the people behind Bordeaux wine share a collective commitment to proactively act to address climate change.

For this year’s Bordeaux Big Bottles promotion, New York restaurants selected from fourteen different Next Gen wineries to showcase the young movers and shakers who are making their mark throughout the region. Making this extra-special, the featured wines were offered in 3-Liter bottles, a rare, double-magnum size.

Meet Next Gen Bordeaux – Committed to a Sustainable Future

The Next Gen Bordeaux winemakers and châteaux representatives are a driving force of new ideas, sustainable initiatives, and global connection. The featured wineries range in age from 28 to 42 and represent a dynamic generation working in every sector from viticulture and winemaking to commercial management. Click here to learn more about our Next Gen Bordeaux representatives and their distinct approaches to a sustainable future.

  • Château Biac (Côtes de Bordeaux), Yasmina Asseily, Sales Director
  • Château d’Arche (Bordeaux blanc & Sauternes), Matthieu Arroyo, Winemaker
  • Château des Combes (Bordeaux), Jonathan Ducourt, Owner and Winemaker
  • Château du Moulin Rouge (Haut-Médoc), Geoffrey Ribeiro, Owner and Winemaker
  • Château Gardera and Château Tassin (Bordeaux Supérieur), Guillaume Gonfrier, Sales Manager
  • Château Haut-Rian (Côtes de Bordeaux), Pauline Lapierre, Owner and Winemaker
  • Château Larrivaux (Haut-Médoc), Bérangère Tesseron, Owner and Winemaker
  • Château Roquefort (Bordeaux), Camille Giai, Commercial Director
  • Château Simon (Sauternes, Graves), Pauline Dufour, Owner and Winemaker
  • Clarence Dillon/Clarendelle (Bordeaux & Bordeaux blanc), Erika Smatana, Export Manager USA

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