Can One Person Run a Winery? GOfermentor says yes

In the time of COVID-19 and social distancing, the prospect of many collaborative activities, such as winemaking, appears dangerous and practically impossible. And with grapes coming in soon, many winemakers worry that they will not be able to safely operate during this season. Is there an answer to the challenge posed by Coronavirus?

Thanks to the GOfermentor, there may be. The GOfermentor is a self-contained automatic fermentor, with an automatic punch system and a built-in press which can be run by one person.

First introduced in 2014 as a more efficient, affordable, and mess-free way to make higher quality wine, the GOfermentor boasts many advantages that winemakers will find even more important during this trying time. No installation is required, just plug in to 110vac. No cleaning is required, as a single-use, biodegradable liner can be set up in the GOfermentor container by one person.

The punching is done automatically, remotely, on user schedule. No human exposure is necessary. Multiple units can be monitored from anywhere in the world using a smartphone app.

The pressing can be done by single person using a supplied pressing tube which connects via hose to a wine pump. Connect the pump to a collection container such as a SmartBarrel liner. Start the pump and collect free run. Then activate the press function to squeeze the pomace dry.

Steve Boyer of The Village Vintner in Illinois, used 12 GOfermentors, to process 100,000 lbs of grapes last year with essentially one operator.

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