Carmody McKnight Estate Winery Challenges Wine Industry to Respect Science, Health and History

Carmody McKnight Estate Winery in Paso Robles, with proprietors actor/artist Gary Conway and former Miss America Marian McKnight Conway, announced the launch of a new website The site delivers a true to nature narrative of a celebrated family-farming epoch, unprecedented university-directed soil nutrient studies connecting terroir to flavors and health, and to return to science-based, honest and traditional winemaking practices. The website encompasses the healthy essence and purpose of wine, and includes:  

  • 12 articles posted, with more being developed in conjunction with Gary Conway, whose works include best-seller: Art of the Vineyard.
  • 40-year family farming history beginning with harrowing 1968 helicopter crash on West Paso Robles ranch.
  • Revelations of surviving the pandemic Phylloxera and other vineyard diseases, with direct implications for human pandemics and immunity. Reliable disease defense ultimately derives from necessary nutrients and climate.
  • Renown climatologist explaining the disruptive and rapid disappearance of the Mediterranean climate and how West Paso Robles is one of the few and fortunate Mediterranean climate viticultural regions remaining.

“We are in the age of accumulating crises and pandemics,” Conway said. “Much of it attacking environmental and human health. Most of the wine industry has been in the vanguard of eco-ignorance. Those days are resoundingly over and leadership, more than ever, means leading by example. That is the destiny of Carmody McKnight.” 

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