Cooper Wine Company Announces Completion of New Red Mountain Winery

Cooper Wine Company today announced the completion of the first harvest through its newly-built winery on Red Mountain. The facility is designed for a seamless flow of every step of the winemaking process at the estate property, from farming and fruit processing to fermentation and barrel aging. 

“We are committed to producing authentic, estate-farmed wines that showcase the potential of Red Mountain and the distinct character of our vineyard,” said Neil Cooper, owner of Cooper Wine Company. “The new winery allows us to be entirely estate-based in our farming, winemaking, and hosting of CoopClub members. This connection to our property is at the core of everything we do.”

The new 11,600-square-foot facility features a production area, fermentation hall, barrel room, and hospitality space. The goal of the new build is to support the winery’s current production capacity, entirely from the estate vineyard, and increase efficiencies throughout the process, from vineyard to bottle. The new space includes a 3,000-square-foot mezzanine tasting space overlooking the fermentation hall and Cooper Estate Vineyard. The winery partnered with eight local family-owned contractors to design and build the facility.

“I’m proud to work on the team Neil assembled for the build,” said Aaron DeWitt, president of Total Energy Management, the project’s HVAC, electrical, and controls services contractor. “Neil engaged in every step of the process and was committed to collaborating with a local crew to support the community.”

“The winery was designed and built specifically to accommodate the size of production from our estate vineyard, to efficiently manage every aspect of the winemaking process on site,” said Anthony Filantres, winemaker. “This supports our goal of being a wholly estate operation.”

2022 marks a milestone year for Cooper Wine Company. In addition to the new facility completion, the winery enhanced the property’s hospitality spaces, transitioned to a wine club-exclusive model, and launched a new website. The website was created to tell the story of the winery’s estate farming philosophy and authentically reflect the community of people that has developed over the winery’s 12-year history. A new CoopClub portal offers a dedicated space for members to connect with the winery.

“This October we transitioned to exclusively host wine club members and their guests,” said Cooper. “Our CoopClub community is the lifeblood of the winery, a true wine family. Our decision to focus our attention on members allows us to develop those important relationships and create personal and special experiences.”

About Cooper Wine Company

Cooper Wine Company is a family-run, boutique winery dedicated to crafting estate-farmed Red Mountain wines. The winery sources from its estate vineyard, farms the land, and offers wines directly to CoopClub members and their guests. The winery is currently closed to the public and is open exclusively to wine club and referral-based memberships.

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