Deciphering the Relationship Between Cost and Quality

Some vintners certainly produce wine at a range of price points.

The eponymous McPrice Myers in California’s Central Coast — who started the winery bearing his name in 2002 — is among the vintners whose portfolios meet that description. Myers’ portfolio includes his “Hardworking Wines” series with direct-to-consumer pricing set in the $25 range, to his “Single Vineyard” and “Proprietary” series, with prices ranging up to $100.

Myers, who was the subject of a recent Vintner Magazine Q&A, said he led with higher price point wines but always had designs on developing a value-focused line.

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“Unlike a lot of people, making value-driven but high-quality wine has always been a goal of mine — value wine is what got me hooked on wine way back in the day,” Myers said. “I also knew I wanted to diversify the portfolio so we could get the wine out there and into as many people’s glasses as possible. I like to make an honest product and for the everyday person and the value driven — and our premier wines — are a part of that.”

The ability to source from multiple vineyards is key to maintaining that ability to make a good, value-focused wine, Myers said.

“Vineyard sources are key, and solidifying  partnerships and relationships with growers,” Myers said. “Establishing long-term relationships with growers that are sustainable will provide a good base, and you know they are not going anywhere.

“In terms of evolution, continuing to find and work with different sites, and the launch of my Beautiful Earth and Proprietary series also really opened up the playbook and created real depth and longevity for what we’re trying to do here.”

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