DuCard Vineyards Implements Label Technology

Scott Effill, owner of DuCard Vineyards, has initiated the Real Provenance program applying Virginia-themed labels with unique QR Codes and  holograms.  

Real Provenance is a tool that connects wine producers directly to their consumers via a label applied to each bottle of wine. The label displays a cell phone scannable QR Code containing a unique URL and serial number linked to a cloud-based software.  Additionally, a Hologram supports the authentic origin — or Provenance — of the  wine. 

In today’s information-centric world, scanning the Real Provenance QR Code links a winery to a consumer at the point of purchase for each bottle of the brand.

It provides instant information  about the wine, winery, winemaker, events, essential facts, and even a video with the winemaker speaking directly to them.

Fred Reno, President, and CEO of Thomas Jefferson Wine Company, and Robert Sherwood, CCP/President of Holoshape Products, a protection specialist in product identification and fraud protection, first unveiled the True Provenance technology in 2021.

“With the increased number of wine producers from around the world  growing every day, Real Provenance gives the consumer assurance of the wine’s origin and the  wine producer the opportunity to tell their story instantly and accurately at the point of  purchase,” Reno said.

“The Real Provenance program is simple to implement for any producer. It’s scalable to support  vine-to-bottle tracking, providing business intelligence, satisfying the consumer curiosity about  the bottle’s provenance right in their hand,” Sherwood added. 

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