Duplin Winery Creates Cotton Candy Collection

Known for award-winning wines and celebrated annual releases, Duplin Winery, makers of America’s favorite sweet wines, opens 2022 with the debut of a truly unique Cotton Candy collection featuring three new fruit flavors – Lime, Blueberry and Peach – in addition to the celebrated Cotton Candy Original the company introduced in May of 2021.

Using real fruit extracts and premium muscadine grapes grown on Duplin Estate vineyards and small family farms across the South, Duplin’s master winemakers spent nearly three years developing the fun Cotton Candy blends that continue to honor Duplin’s tradition of medal-worthy muscadine wines.

“Duplin Cotton Candy Original was supposed to be a one-time-only wine, but when customers and retailers found out that we were down to the last bottles, they wanted more and also asked for new flavors,” Duplin co-owner Jonathan Fussell said.

“With Cotton Candy, like all our wines, we want to make people smile,” Fussell continued. “Enjoying time with friends and family is what the Duplin cool, sweet and easy lifestyle is all about and these new fruit wines fit right in at so many occasions.”

Cotton Candy Blueberry
A burst of true blueberry sweetness plus soft vanilla makes this red wine as delightful as blue cotton candy at the state fair. Best chilled, the fruity sipper pairs well with rich and spicy foods like grilled cheese sandwiches, candied pecans, peppercorn-crusted beef, tacos and creamy cheesecake. The wine is an essential cocktail mixer and especially delicious in Duplin’s Cotton Candy Blueberry Sangria recipe.

Cotton Candy Peach
Peach and vanilla twirl smoothly around sweet berries for a rosé finer than sugar on a funnel cake. Delectable poured over frozen peaches or blended half and half with sweet iced tea and a dash of fresh ginger, Cotton Candy Peach is the go-to wine with smoky, sweet and spicy foods including brisket, juicy ribs, smoked cheeses, seared crab cakes, fire-roasted salmon and Thai or Szechuan noodles.

Cotton Candy Lime
Sweet-tart citrus rises through berry notes and spun vanilla for a distinctive white that is refreshing ice-cold. Just in time for Super Bowl and March Madness, Cotton Candy Lime fits robust party foods like chips, wings, loaded nachos, sausage balls, guacamole and slow-cooker chili. A not-to-be-missed bar mixer, Cotton Candy Lime enlivens mojitos, margaritas and Jell-O shots.

Cotton Candy Original
The berry vanilla rosé wine that started the Duplin Cotton Candy craze recalls sharing pink cotton candy and first kisses on the Ferris wheel. Best served cold, or even on the rocks, Cotton Candy Original pairs perfectly with salty nibbles like charcuterie, fried chicken sliders, baked feta and bacon-wrapped shrimp. Adaptable for all kinds of cocktails, the wine works in Cotton Candy Margaritas and a Cotton Candy Cosmo wine slushie.

All Duplin Cotton Candy wine flavors cost $14.99 each and are available online at duplinwinery.com as well as at both Duplin locations: 505 N Sycamore St, Rose Hill, N.C., and 4650 U.S. Highway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach, S.C. Some supermarkets also carry the collection.

About Duplin Winery
Headquartered in Rose Hill, N.C., Duplin Winery is the largest winery in the South and listed as the 36th Largest Winery by Wine Business Monthly magazine. Specializing in wines made from America’s native muscadine grapes, Duplin is the largest muscadine winery in the world with a tank capacity of 2.1 million gallons. Duplin Winery grows its own grapes in North Carolina and works with more than 60 farming families to source local grapes in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and the Carolinas. The company plans another 100 acres of vineyards in Florida’s Panhandle to support Duplin’s Panama City Beach location scheduled to open in 2022.
Founded by D.J. Fussell, Sr., and his sons in the 1970s, the winery is owned and managed by the third and fourth generation of Fussells. Duplin wines have won several awards over the years, including Impact’s Hot Brand Award and Beverage Information Group’s Fast Track Award, both normally given to West Coast wineries. Duplin wines have been featured in Martha Stewart Living and Elite magazines as well as numerous regional news media outlets.
Duplin wines are sold in 16 states in the South, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. The winery sells wines online, shipping to 47 states year-round.

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