Fifth Hill Releases Library Wines

The family behind La Prenda Vineyards and Sonoma Collection wines have released new Library Wines, the 2015 Pickberry and the 2016 Vineyard Station. Both of these wines spent some extra aging time in barrel and bottle to broaden their finish and further express their character.

2015 Pickberry, 294 cases produced: 73% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Sauvingon, 13% Cabernet Franc and 1% Petite Verdot ($40)

In exceptional years we like to hold onto a few barrels of wines we have earmarked as having great ageing potential; in that spirit, this 2015 Pickberry Red does not disappoint. This classic, weighty red wine is a natural pairing with roast beef, veal and venison. It’s the perfect wine for any meal shared with family and friends- whether it be for a big holiday, or even just a traditional Sunday dinner.

The famous Pickberry Vineyard on the North slope of Sonoma Mountain was first planted in the 1980’s and has produced stellar Bordeaux fruit for many producers. The site is just above the morning fog belt that sweeps in from the West and has just enough afternoon exposure to ripen the fruit without too much Western exposure to the hot afternoon sun. We began to farm it in 2012 and that same year began to purchase 5 tons of fruit every year to make a stellar Bordeaux blend. The wine is a constant Gold Medal, Double-Gold, Best of Class winner at the yearly Sonoma County Harvest Fair.

2016 Vineyard Station: 278 cases produced, 100% Malbec ($34)

Our Sonoma Coast Malbec opens with aromas of ripe cherries and strawberry fruit leather. Kissed with hints of cinnamon spice, this wine is supple and soft with flavors of both fresh cherry and warm vanilla bean. A bright acidity keeps the wine well-balanced.

The Vineyard Station property has been farmed by La Prenda since 2000, and have leased ourselves since 2012. The historic site in Vineburg was once the site of a Hotel for the train station just a stones throw away. Vineburg was the bustling hub of the Sonoma Valley’s grape and tree fruit industry back in the day, as it was the train connection to hauling fruit out of the Valley. The unique Sonoma Coast site for Malbec features a cool growing season with enough late-season warmth to bring the fruit to optimum ripeness.

Sonoma Collection is a family-owned venture featuring sustainably farmed wines honoring Sonoma Valley grape farmers. Sonoma Collection even captured a top ten spot in Wine Business Monthly’s annual Hot Brands in 2015. Other labels include Fifth Hill, La Prenda, Happy Wife, Quarantine Wife and 95476. La Prenda Vineyards Management has been in business for 14 years and farms over 30 properties in the Sonoma Valley, Carneros, Sonoma Mountain and Bennett Valley appellations that are certified Fish Friendly Farming. They provide quality farming while increasingly incorporating mechanization in a changing farming environment. For more information visit

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