Five Vintner Stories That Caught Your Eye in 2021

Which of Vintner Magazine’s stories caught your interest in 2021? Curious about this ourselves, we took a look behind the scenes to review the stories that had the broadest reach, the most likes on social media and the most clicks last year.

In no particular order, here are five stories that caught our readers’ interest last year:

How Gervasi Partners With Local Businesses to Expand Its Product Line

Partnering with a local business when looking to grow can be beneficial to all involved. The business with whom you’re partnering gets some work and gets exposure, and you get a new product that you can say is truly locally sourced.

That’s a strategy Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, Ohio has found success with over the years, with the most recent example being BLU, its new blueberry liqueur being produced with fruit sourced from nearby Blossom Creek Farm.

What a Doctor-Turned-Winemaker Did to Safely Reopen in Texas

With states beginning to loosen their COVID-19 restrictions, the process of safely reopening may feel like a complicated conundrum for some wineries out there.

Unless you’re Bending Branch Winery in Comfort, Texas, which has a nice leg up when it comes to knowing what’s safe and what isn’t: a medical doctor who happens to make their wine.

Owner and Winemaker Bob Young, MD, MPH, practiced medicine for 35 years, serving as the top state official in Arkansas and Kentucky.

Breathing Room: How Barrel Oak Continued to Serve Customers at a Tenth of the Cost

One Virginia winery has found a solution in social distancing “bubbles” that allow its guests to enjoy a glass while staying warm and dry. Needing to form a cost-effective contingency plan ahead of potential stringent statewide mandates, Barrel Oak Winery and Farm Taphouse in Delaplane purchased and installed several Garden Igloo bubbles on its grounds.

These Techniques Have Spurred This Winemaker to Push Product Boundaries

Jasper Winery in Des Moines, Iowa is an urban winery that has flourished by establishing its own identity and making unique products like Bourbon barrel-aged wines and canned wine spritzers.

Winemaker Mason Groben founded Madhouse Brewing Company in 2009 and ran it for a decade before ultimately closing it down to focus on wine. About the time he started Madhouse, he began working at Jasper, his family’s winery. Groben said some of the creative techniques employed by beer brewers have proven useful when developing imaginative products for Jasper.

How Saintsbury Pays Homage To The Past While Looking Ahead

Saintsbury is looking toward the future, announcing new leadership at the Napa Valley winery while celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Co-founder David Graves announced his retirement at a small gathering of family and friends while toasting the next 40 years. Trent Ward, son of late co-founder Richard Ward, has been named the managing partner and Winemaker Tim Colla, who has been with the winery for 11 years, has been appointed as a partner.

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