Four Growth Opportunities Wineries are Pursuing

It’s a competitive world out there and businesses of all types are looking for ways to set themselves apart or, in some cases, just stay current with the times.

Wineries — whether they’ve been around for generations or are fairly new — are just the same. They’re looking to grow and they’re trying to find the best next step to keep them on course.

Leaders at four wineries recently shared with Vintner Magazine strategic growth opportunities they’re excited to pursue.

Focusing on the US 

Jules Taylor, Owner and Winemaker of Jules Taylor Wines in Marlborough, New Zealand, said she has the United States market in her crosshairs.

“There are so many opportunities out there. We constantly get inquiries from potential distributors in new markets,” Taylor said. “However, our strategic focus remains on the US. It is our most important export market but I feel we are still only just scratching the surface here.”

Taylor said the company has spent a lot of time meeting with customers and holding events throughout the States. 

“Of course, we have had to work hard to replace all that with digital communications over the past 24 months, but with the NZ borders reopening in May this year, we hope to be back in person Stateside soon,” she said.

An Outdoor Remodel

Winemaker Sam Baron at Kivelstadt Cellars & WineGarten said the winery’s signature outdoor hangout space was getting a refresh with the goal of making it a friendly, down-to-earth, approachable spot.

“We are currently remodeling our WineGarten in Sonoma,” Baron said. “This remodel will provide a beautiful space that is not only for the rich, but for everyone.”

Baron said inclusivity was the goal and that the project began after receiving feedback from his peers and stressed that he wanted to make sure no one felt uncomfortable when coming to enjoy food and wine in a relaxed, outdoor setting.

“White, black, straight, queer —  all are welcome in our WineGarten,” Baron said. “I found that many of my peers and friends did not feel comfortable throughout Napa and Sonoma and that is wrong. Now we will have a place where anyone is welcome, and that feels great.”

Focusing on Marketing and Exposure

Andrew Sides, COO of William Chris Wine Company in Hye, Texas, said the company was looking to increase its name recognition amid a burgeoning Texas wine culture.

“Texans in general are becoming more and more hungry for true, authentic Texas wine,” Sides said. “And there’s still a large percentage of people who haven’t heard of us.”

Sides said the company was looking for ways to attract new customers.

“We’re investing resources into marketing and into opening new tasting rooms in order to create new fans,” he said.

Building the Portfolio

Michael Baldacci, owner and Winemaker of Baldacci Family Vineyards in Napa, California, said to keep an eye out for new wines from the company in the near future.

“We have some exciting wines that have not yet been released to the public and we are looking for the right opportunity to introduce them,” Baldacci said. “These are going to be wines that are extremely limited in their production and will be highly allocated upon release.”

The strategy is aimed toward attracting collectors to their brand.

“We feel that our brand is ready to release wines like this, and are looking forward to sharing these exclusive new bottlings with wine collectors soon,” Baldacci said.

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