How Les Bourgeois Developed its Newest High-End Lineup of Products

Blufftop Cellars is a new premium line of wines from Les Bourgeois Vineyards.

The Rocheport, Missouri winery explained that the new line is an expression of decades of experience and a lifetime of collaboration with fellow vintners across the country.

“The idea was loosely formed through talking with other winemakers and grape growers whom I have met over the years,” said owner and head winemaker, Jacob Holman. “There are so many good wines across the country we thought it would be interesting to work with some other varieties.

“Les Bourgeois Vineyards’ brand is very much associated with Missouri, and we are really proud of that history. So we felt it necessary to launch a separate brand for this new line.”

Launching a new line means many aspects to tackle including a brand name, art, and branding, and finding a sales base.

When launching this brand, LBV wanted to focus on the unique and breathtaking location the winery is located, a blufftop overlooking the Missouri River.

“That’s where the Blufftop Cellars brand began,” explained Christa Holtzclaw, the winery’s Director of Marketing & Retail.

Having a partnership with the local art community, the winery tasked Joel Sager — an area artist and an owner of Sager Braudis Gallery — to draw an original rendering of the blufftop that gave the label a traditional French chateaus look.

Holtzclaw said the vision for this brand is to highlight the premium nature of the wines with rich colors, quality packaging, and classic imagery.

“I guess visiting other wineries and seeing premium brands at those locations might have informed this decision some,” Holman added, “but overall I think it was more about the dialogue with other producers that had more to do with it.”

The winery recently sent out a newsletter through email. It explained that consumers on the list could get a first look at the lineup with a special dinner being hosted by the winery along with a chance to snag the three new bottles that day: a Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Bordeaux-style blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

Les Bourgeois Vineyards launched the brand with a gourmet wine dinner and will be scheduling private tastings for interested wine-lovers.

Having an established brand with LBV gives the winery excitement to have this new offering to share with consumers while looking to add new customers looking for a premium wine experience.

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