How This Winery Gets Its Product To Customers

When it comes to wine consumption and wine purchasing, multiple accounts have suggested the same thing with respect to the pandemic.

People kept drinking wine, and to do that, they had to keep buying it. And they wanted to buy it from their favorite wineries.

Katherine Warner, Marketing Director for Three Brothers Wineries and Estates in the Finger Lakes, said Three Brothers had hired a full-time shipping manager in 2019 ahead of the pandemic.

It was a good thing they did. Their shipping has increased “dramatically” over the last 18 months, Warner reported.

“Our online store became our lifeblood,” Warner said. “In 2019, we averaged 100 online orders per month. So far in 2021, we are averaging 400 orders per month and we haven’t hit holiday shopping yet.”

To get its product to its customers during the pandemic, the shipping manager kicked into high gear. Three Brothers currently has licenses to ship their wines into 27 states thanks to some feverish work by its staff.

“The majority of these licenses were acquired in 2020 when our tasting rooms were closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said.

Three Brothers has a license to ship its wine through UPS. Bottles are packaged in cardboard boxes specially designed to ship bottles of wine.

The pandemic has had a lasting effect on consumer behavior, Warner surmised.

“Consumers have become more comfortable shopping for wine online and having it delivered to their home,” she said.

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