How to Take Advantage of the Rise of Alternate Packaging

Pivot is the buzzword of the year in business. Adaptability has become such a key for wineries to find ways to stay open to the public or to continue on or off-premise sales.

Even before the pandemic, researching alternate packaging outside of standard wine bottles has been on the rise as packaging needs for wineries have evolved.

Stoller Family Estate has delved into such practices and its Canned Oregon brand is taking advantage of this.

“Canned wines are catching fire because the next generation of wine drinkers care about portability as much as they do about quality and value,” said Communications Director Michelle Kaufmann. “We believe the category will only continue to grow.”

Kaufmann noted that over the last 12 months, the market has experienced a massive proliferation of canned wines hitting the shelf.

“Almost every day, there is a new brand entering the category,” she said. “The packaging technology will continue to evolve.”

That’s why the Dayton, Oregon winery feels its Canned Oregon brand is primed to take advantage of this emerging category. The wines now available include Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Rosé, Rosé Bubbles, and White Bubbles.

“Canned Oregon was born from the idea that wine should complement an active lifestyle,” Kaufmann said. “It’s an autonomous brand within our portfolio, though it is no secret that it is made by our winemaking team at the Stoller Family Estate facility.”

The winery actually closed its tasting room a day before the state’s governor mandated a closure back on March 16, so Stoller has been wary of adaptation since the start.

“With all the unknowns around us at that time, we wanted to continue to provide our guests and staff something resembling normalcy, so we immediately began to offer a drive-thru curbside pickup,” Kaufmann explained. “The move kept our employees working while ensuring their health and safety. It also allowed our guests to get out of isolation, enjoy a beautiful drive to wine country, and pick up wine at Stoller Family Estate to take home.

“While we realized nothing was (or still is) normal, this little change helped our community continue to thrive.”

While the winery was closed to the public, Stoller wanted to continue to connect with members and loyal customers. Kaufmann said on April 5, it launched the Stoller Wine Group Channel, dedicated to wine, food, and lifestyle content that told the stories of the people behind the wines in a fun and meaningful way.

The winery included pieces on their beloved wine dogs to cooking tutorials to Irish dancing and a “Welcome Home” musical. New videos continue to be released as well.

Photo courtesy Canned Oregon Wine.

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