How Wine Apps Are Keeping Customers Engaged During Pandemic

Though an app to bring wine to Stella Rosa Wines customers’ fingertips was officially launched June 15 on the App Store and Google Play, it could be found in the app store two weeks early, giving its fans a sneak peak at the app as part of a pre-marketing strategy. 

Before the app was even on Google Play, Stella Rosa’s most loyal fans had access to the beta version for testing and feedback. 

In-store promotions and a social media campaign accompanied the release of the app.

“This will be the most tech advanced wine app in the market, and we are excited to see how people engage with such a forward thinking app,” said Dante Colombatti, Marketing Director of Riboli Family Wines. “Stella Rosa has always been an innovative thinking brand and this app will showcase that once more.”

Users can play the in-app game, Stella Poppin’, play Shake-It Wednesday to win discounts and Stella Rosa merch, find cocktail recipes, shop, and scan Stella bottles to learn more about them.

Since the pandemic started, Stella Rosa has had to adapt operations at the winery as well, including going virtual in several other avenues as well, including adopting food delivery apps, offering more deals online, and hosting live virtual wine tastings through social media accounts.

“As the laws adjust we will be opening our doors accordingly, taking account of all precautionary measures,” said Audrey Lewis, Public Relations Coordinator. “We have already begun opening up and serving customers in our LA, Ontario and Paso Robles locations and it is nice to see some friendly faces.”

Wente Vineyards in Livermore, California launched a wine tasting app May 5 that has had roughly 50 people a week going through the experience.

“In the experience, consumers have the option to learn more about tasting wine in general with a quick ‘how-to’ if they are new to wine tasting,” said Aly Wente, Senior Brand Manager. “They will learn about Wente Vineyards; our history, impact on Chardonnay, appellations (Livermore Valley and Arroyo Seco), and some of our core principles of winemaking.”

Users are also walked through the winery’s three most popular wines: Morning Fog Chardonnay, Riva Ranch Vineyard Chardonnay and Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon.

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