How Your Winery’s Grounds ​Can Speak ​for Your Brand​’s​ Success

You might say, ‘well our wine speaks for itself,’ and leave it at that.​ If you are, you might be leaving a lot of potential customers out of your brand.

The on-site aesthetics of your winery could be just as vital as the liquid in your bottles. and creating a whole brand.

“When people visit my tasting room and they experience my brand it translates all the way through to e-commerce and customers who purchase at our wholesalers,” said Nini Edwards of Harkness Edwards Vineyards. “Branding is so important.”

A great example for Fox Run Vineyards is its opening gate. Custom made by local metal artist, Sam Castner, the New York Finger Lakes winery’s patina fox gate stands 20 feet tall and with a wingspan of over 70 feet wide.

“It’s absolutely stunning, but functional in that it makes the winery incredibly hard to miss when you’re driving down the road and invites people in,” explained the winery’s team in an emailed response.

The entrance and look, along with an impressive cafe that was designed to be a highlight of a consumer’s trip to the winery, has positioned the winery as more of a destination spot.

“The minute you walk into our tasting room the aromas of garlic, fresh-baked bread, and sizzling bacon overwhelm you in the best way,” they said. “It makes it almost impossible not to linger for a cheese board or lunch.

“Many people plan their wine tours around stopping at Fox Run for a bite to eat along the way. And the view is almost as delicious as the food.”

In fact, Fox Run just tripled the size of its lake-view deck and increased the number of tables even with social distancing restrictions.

​For Harkness Edwards, even the littlest details matter, such as having picture-perfect wine flights.

​”They’re really pretty and it makes it a lot easier on my staff when serving​,” Edwards said​. ​”People take pictures of them all the time and post on social media.​”​

That post of a wine flight can mean a branding opportunity and connection with new consumers, even more than local.

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