Lake County Winegrape Commission Touts Volcanic Soil’s Strengths

 The Lake County Winegrape Commission is “raising a little dust” with the introduction of a new advertising campaign, taking a slightly different approach from the expected wine industry messages.

The new campaign features a dusty cowboy riding through rows of mountain grapes, suggesting that the grapes in Lake County are “never picked,” but rather “wrangled” instead. In addition, the advertisement states that grapes have been “raised on volcanic lava milk…ever since they were babies”— a nod to the region’s young volcanic soils.

“We look forward to highlighting Lake County in a way that sets the region apart from other winegrowing areas. The new branding embodies the unique nature of volcanic growing conditions to capture the attention of wine enthusiasts seeking a surprising alternative,” said Megan Hoberg, Marketing & Events Manager of the Lake County Winegrape Commission.

Volcanic wines have seen a dramatic increase in market popularity and demand in recent years as consumers seek out new and unique options. Surrounded by volcanoes — Mount Konocti, Cobb Mountain, Mount Hannah, and the Mayacamas — the area is rich in lava dome complexes, geothermal activity, black obsidian, cinder cones, and maars of basaltic-to-rhyolitic composition. Dispelling the myth that “a grape is just a grape,” Lake County clearly positions the region as one that owns the very definition of higher altitudes, volcanic soils, and rugged mountain grapes — producing wines with a truly distinct, intense, and recognizable personality.

Located in the North Coast AVA, Lake County is quickly becoming the notorious, outspoken wrangler of the California wine industry.

About the Lake County Winegrape Commission

Established in 1991, the Lake County Winegrape Commission (LCWC) has been instrumental in developing the Lake County region’s unwavering commitment to farming high-quality winegrapes, promoting the winegrowers’ brand, and creating greater awareness of the winegrowing region within the wine trade and among wine lovers. A state agency with efforts focused on marketing, research, and education, LCWC has launched innovative programs like Master Vigneron Academy®, the Elevation of Wine, and the International Sauvignon Blanc Symposium. For more information, visit

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