Making the Tasting Room Numbers Work for You

Although touch points are less now with across the bar interaction at your winery’s tasting room, there are still plenty of ways to gather data and use it to your winery’s advantage even without seeing in-house retail or tasting room sales or even the banter you would normally receive from a consumer that was trying different wines.

Being able to dig into online searches, see what is clicked on at your website, and using that to create a better online experience, be in through sales or interaction, can be vital.

For Three Brothers, customer contact information is more important than ever before.

“We’re in a situation right now that your mailing list is gold,” said Three Brothers Vice President and Partner, Erica Paolicelli. “Your social [media] clout is priceless.

“Having a customer or fan willing to open your email and read your post is essential to making a sale. The trust you’ve built with your customer/fanbase for years has a major ROI in the current state of the world.”

Three Brothers also uses online data to drive decisions on new products, trending products that it should enhance or lean into.

“We also use data to analyze where we’re falling short,” Paolicelli said. She was recently looking at the website analytics and realized that the highest searched term on the website was a result in the product that most people were looking to purchase, but it was too layered in the online store.

“We took that information and featured the item in an easier to find the place which drove more people to complete the purchase,” she said.

Photo courtesy 3 Brothers Wineries & Estate

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