Miller Family Wine Company Acquires BNA Wine Group’s Portfolio of Wines

Miller Family Wine Company, a division of the industry-leading Thornhill Companies, is pleased to announce their recent acquisition of BNA Wine Group’s portfolio of wines, including the popular Butternut brand.

Founded by three wine industry veterans in Nashville, Tennessee, BNA Wine Group has earned a nationwide reputation for crafting distinctive California wines that meet consumers’ demands in both taste and accessibility. BNA Wine Group’s portfolio of premium brands includes the award-winning Butternut, Volunteer, Humble Pie and The Rule.

2018 Butternut Chardonnay

As part of the Miller Family Wine Company’s multi-year growth plan, the multi-generational family-owned company has acquired BNA Wine Group’s brands, thereby expanding their brand portfolio in order to widen their market presence in leading nationwide retail chains and build a more robust offering for DTC channels.

“BNA has done a great job at meeting the demands of consumers by creating on-trend, high quality wines that are widely available,” says Nicholas Miller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Adding this well-rounded line-up of brands not only gives us the opportunity to expand our reach into retail chains, but also provides the members of our newly launched Miller Family Wine Club with an even more diverse array of wines to try.  All in all, we are very excited to bring these brands aboard.”

Adds Marshall Miller, Vice President of Operations, “We’re thrilled to announce Miller Family Wine Company’s procurement of BNA Wine Group’s collection of brands. Over the past few years, we’ve looked for new opportunities to grow our company both thoughtfully and organically, while still finding avenues to reach new consumers in a strategic way. The acquisition of these brands, and Butternut in particular, is a significant step toward those overarching goals.”

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