New Label and Sourcing for Julia James

Opici Wines & Spirits is pleased to unveil the new look and fruit sourcing of one of its proprietary brands, Julia James.

The new label features larger, more visible branding with a clean white background and bronze lettering, providing an ownable icon that is easily recognizable. The fresh look and feel combined with the signature “J” is an eye-catching way for the bottle to stand out on the shelves.

In addition to the new look, Opici Wines & Spirits is also partnering with a respected California producer to source fruit from more premier growing regions for these varietals. The result is a fresh and approachable taste, while maintaining an honest representation of both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The grapes for the Pinot Noir are grown predominantly in Lodi, which is one of the most diverse wine-making regions in all California. Typically known more for its Zinfandel, Pinot Noir is a hidden gem of the area, where more varietals grow than anywhere else in California.

The Chardonnay is sourced from Green Valley in Solano County, California – about a mile and a half outside of Napa. The valley’s temperate climate is well suited to the production of high-quality wine grapes, transitioning from warmth during the day to cool fog in the evenings. The soil allows for roots to penetrate deep into the ground, creating healthier vines and by extension, grapes.

“With each wine that we create, we strive to honor classic winemaking and produce high-quality products at a great value,” said Don Opici, Managing Director of Opici Wines and Spirits. “Julia James was born to honor the 5th generation of the Opici family, and we are excited to introduce the new package and more premium quality.”

The new packaging will roll out in mid-October. The current line includes a California Pinot Noir and Chardonnay ($15.99 SRP), with the possibility for an extension in 2023.

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