Odell Brewing Launches The OBC Wine Project

After over two years of development, Odell Brewing Co. is proud to officially launch The OBC Wine Project and its first line of canned wines. The urban winery, located adjacent to the Fort Collins brewery, is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of modern American wine and will distribute across the state of Colorado.

The Summer 2020 portfolio includes a Red Blend, a White Pinot Gris Blend, a Rosé and a Rosé with Bubbles. With the help of their distribution partner Breakthru Beverage, the wine is now available in independent and chain retailers.

As a 100% employee-owned and independent brewery, this new venture is driven entirely by the dedication of their co-owners. Odell co-owners are encouraged and empowered to share and explore new business ideas. The OBC Wine Project itself originated from Odell’s internal idea incubator and shared passion for the art of winemaking.

“With over 30 years of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about fermentation,” explains Technical Director, Eli Kolodny. “We’re committed to making wine that is just as innovative as our beer and held to the same to quality standards.”

Taking the helm of production is experienced vintner, Travis Green. After building and operating his own vineyard and winery for 10 years, Green moved into the urban winery concept and refined his art for winemaking unbound by geography, sourcing the best grapes from all over the country.

“With the rise of urban wineries we’re living in the most exciting times of modern american wine,” explains Winemaker Travis Green. “When we’re not limited by our geography, the innovation around the blend becomes boundless.”

For their inaugural year, The OBC Wine Project has made custom blends that highlight the best grapes grown in the same places Odell Brewing sources their favorite hops, Oregon’s Willamette Valley and Washington’s Columbia Valley.

“Turns out great grapes grow right next to great hops and thanks to the relationships our brewers have with these farmers, we were connected with some fantastic vineyards in the Pacific Northwest,” explains Green. “Our White Blend boasts a Pinot Gris crop from Goschie Farms, who have been supplying Odell Brewing with world-class hops for over a decade.”

According to IRI’s 2019 Year End Review, canned wine grew 78% in dollar sales. This makes canned wine the fastest growing pack type across the wine industry. With years of experience canning on the brewery side, one of the first decisions The OBC Wine Project made was to focus on a canned product offering.

“We watched as cans revolutionized how and when we enjoy world-class craft beer,” explains Eric Smith, Odell Brewing CEO. “We believe that this is the beginning of that moment for wine. Providing exceptional wine with the convenience of a can really introduces more occasions to enjoy it with each other. Whether that’s on the water, camping, or backyard grilling, wine is now a part of these moments.”

In addition to the urban winery, The OBC Wine Project will be serving wine on tap at a tasting room to be built adjacent to the production facility. Construction of the wine tasting room will begin soon, with plans to open to the public in 2021. To learn more follow @theobcwineproject on social media and visit here.

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