Olé & Obrigado’s Liquid Geography Rosé to Benefit Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation

After raising over $65,000 in 2020 for the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation Covid 19 Crisis Relief Fund through their Restaurant Relief Pack, Olé & Obrigado has added the organization to its community of beneficiaries from sales of Liquid Geography MencÍa Rosé. The fund has distributed over $6.5 million in direct assistance (to individuals, to partner nonprofits, and in the form of zero-interest loans for restaurants) since March of 2020. The funds raised from sales of Liquid Geography Mencía will support these continuing programs.

Since the brand launched in 2013, Olé & Obrigado has donated over $372,000 from Liquid Geography sales to nonprofits like TJ Martell Foundation, South Bronx Educational Foundation, Wheeling Forward, World Central Kitchen, Wellfleet S.P.A.T. and now R.W.C.F. The brand’s goal is to reach $1M in funds raised by 2025.

“The crisis for restaurants is ongoing,” says Patrick Mata, co-founder of Olé & Obrigado. “We feel so grateful for the support we’ve received from our friends in the hospitality community since we started importing wine in 1999, and we want to continue to give back with Liquid Geography.”

Liquid Geography Mencía Rosé is sold in fine retailers and restaurants across the United States. Olé & Obrigado donates 100% of profits from this wine to three great causes. For more information about Liquid Geography or obtain a retail partners list, contact Maria Calvert ([email protected]).

About Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation is an advocacy and action nonprofit created by and for restaurant workers. In 2020, they established the Covid-19 Relief Fund to offer direct assistance to affected workers in the hospitality industry. The fund uses all funds donated during the crisis phase to address these ongoing needs, with 50% of the funds allocated to direct relief to individual workers, 25% allocated to nonprofit organizations serving restaurant workers in crisis, and 25% of the fund allocated to zero-interest loans for restaurants to get back up and running. For more information about the fund and to see its disbursements, visit the R.W.C.F. Covid-19 F.A.Q. or contact [email protected].

About Olé & Obrigado

Olé & Obrigado is an importer of artisanal wines from Spain and Portugal. Named a Wine & Spirits Importer of the Year in 2020, they are known for their selection of wines from family producers and their commitment to giving back.

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