Selective Line Unveils Stylebook 2020

Produced by the Carlin agency in collaboration with Selective Line’s marketing team, the stylebook reveals and decodes the design trends for 2020. This anticipation is enriched with ideas for new decorations and new bottle shapes. It is presented to clients and design agencies to inspire their future developments, bringing them in line with the latest trends.

​The year see the interpretation of two trends: Saga Décor (France) and Verallia Polska (Poland).​ The latter have inspired new bottle shapes and designs by two decorating companies from Verallia.

Divagation​: ​​ ​The spotlight is on luxuriant and random nature : poetic modernity​. ​We will want to detach ourselves from predictive algorithms to find a certain uncertainty: the art of wandering! Creativity will be assumed, inspired by unpredictable Nature and poetic Digital.​ ​The digital Pointillism decoration on the cannelle-colored BORGATA bottle gives an Impressionism 2.0 effect enhanced by delicately pixelated flowers. This creation mixes luminescent ink – invisible in daylight – and thermal ink, and is produced by Saga Décor.

Incandescence​: ​Ecology with a chic and urban aesthetic : radiant nature​.​​ ​Ecology, a vital reality, will be glamorous and urban! The challenge will be to maintain an ostentatious offer, in line with the key issues facing the planet. We will want green solutions with radiant aesthetics!​ ​The Sunset decoration is inspired by bright and diffuse natural colors, and was created by Verallia Polska. The MIAMI bottle is decorated with a red and blue gradient lacquering, coated in shiny silkscreen print.​ ​Following the same trend, the raw materials must be irreproachable, in a refined and reasoned cocktail spirit. The Hop cocktail décor created by Saga Décor on the ALIENOR beer bottle focuses on the main ingredient. It is intensified by bright and natural colors. This decoration consists of an enamel screen printing that imitates paper while creating a 3D effect on the hops.

Selective Line is Verallia’s premium international brand for glass bottles. Since it was founded in 2008, Selective Line has harnessed Verallia’s unique manufacturing expertise to cultivate differentiation, innovation and customization in supporting its customers with their glass creations. A resolutely inspired brand.​ ​

An independent group, Verallia is the third largest global manufacturer of glass containers for food and beverages, and proposes innovative, customized and environmentally- friendly solutions.​ ​€2.4bn revenue with 16 billion glass bottles and jars produced in 2018.​ ​Around 10,000 employees, and 32 glass production facilities in 11 countries.​ ​

Since 1947, CARLIN has anticipated consumer trends worldwide and converted them into creative leads.​ ​Among the brands who have placed their trust in the company: L’Oréal, Oenobiol and Weleda for the beauty industry; Samsung, LG and Mitsubishi for High Tech. And not forgetting Selective Line by Verallia, since 2016.

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