‘Sh!tshow Wine’ Now Giving Back to Mental Health America

Grovedale Winery introduced ‘Sh!tshow Wine’ earlier this year to rave reviews and to the delight of many. The wine, which quickly went viral, offered a silver-lining story in the middle of arguably one of the sh!ttiest years in modern history.  Amidst the grim news of the pandemic and job losses across the country, the small family-run boutique winery found itself creating jobs in order to keep up with demand. Now, the wine that has been giving people a good laugh and surprised wine enthusiasts with its great taste, has found another silver-lining as it announces a partnership with Mental Health America (MHA) to help raise funds and awareness towards mental health conditions at a time when many are in need of assistance.

Sh!tshow Wine is a product of Grovedale Winery and will be providing a portion of proceeds to Mental Health America.

“We realized that Mental Health America was the right partner after we learned about the different resources and programs they have,” explains Grovedale Winery Owner Jeff Homer. “From the beginning, we always knew we wanted our wine to not just taste good but also do good. We’ve really enjoyed the amount of fans sharing how much they enjoy the wine itself and being able to share our sense of dry humor as they’ve shared their reasons behind why they chose to buy our wine.  Sometimes, it’s just for laughs but sometimes they’re dealing with something really difficult.  For those really struggling, we wanted to be sure to guide them towards helpful resources.”

“We recognize that people are struggling with a range of different issues during this extremely difficult time and want to send the message that it’s ok to talk about mental health and seek support,” said Paul Gionfriddo, president and CEO of MHA. “Partnerships like this help us raise awareness about the importance of prevention, early identification and intervention. We want people to know that they don’t have to go it alone and that there are resources to support them in being mentally healthy.”

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