Sokol Blosser Rebranding Strategy, Offers Oregon’s First Boxed Wine

One of the reasons that Sokol Blosser moved its Evolution brand into a box was because of the value to consumers.

Evolution, a Willamette Valley wine brand created by Susan Sokol Blosser in 1998, underwent a rebranding project recently and the box wines will be the first to sport the new look, set to ship mid-July. They are slated to be available in 21 states.

“We had been working on several concepts related to alternative packaging for a year or so, and with Oregon wine outpacing the industry, growing at 18% year–over-year, we decided to seize the moment and innovate, creating Evolution box wine,” said Alison Sokol Blosser, CEO and co-president.

Evolution Pinot Noir and Lucky No. 9 White Blend are actually Oregon’s first wine in a box. The 1.5L boxes come out at $25 and $18 respectively, which is a discount from the price of buying two of the same bottles of wine. 

“The introduction of the box wines attracted a great deal of distributor interest, including in states in which we had not had distribution previously,” said Sokol Blosser.

The new branding will be reflected on the bottles later this year.

“Evolution has a fun and clever personality — kind of like our core customers — and is all about making the most out of life’s moments,” Sokol Blosser said. “Our goal with Evolution has always been to produce affordable, delicious, approachable wines that can be part of our customers’ lives from an easy night at home to a camping trip or special celebration. The fresh, modern look of the box brings the brand personality to life.”

The new box format isn’t just for retail, but also for restaurants, allowing restaurants that are re-opening to offer wine in a box for easy carry-out. 

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