Stepping up Your Social Media ​Game

Now, more than ever, increasing your winery’s online presence can be important in improving sales.

Online platforms can all have different consumer bases as well and Billsboro Winery co-owner Kim Aliperti says the Geneva, New York winery definitely does specific targeting.

“While we use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook interchangeably, we do target specific platforms to specific audiences at certain times,” she said. The winery uses Instagram with more millennial-based targeting, Facebook more for older consumers while Twitter is for news-type posts.

“This targeting can help engagement,” she said.

Aliperti added that they recently hired someone whose main job is social media. That has been a big plus.

“After years of giving this task as a “part” of someone else’s job (including my own), we finally determined that it needs its own position,” she said. “It was always the job that suffered when other things needed to be done.”

Since creating a specific social media job, the winery’s social media engagement has jumped exponentially.

“We post regularly and elicit engagement,” she said. “By creating an individual position, our Social Media Director is now able to keep up on the latest trends, download platforms that make it easier and get creative with it. She also reports on the metrics.”

Billsboro uses ​social media as a marketing tool.

​”​We use it to sell products, get involvement in events, and to promote new markets​,” Aliperti said.​ “However, the most valuable part of social media is maintaining connections with our customers.

​”​This has been especially important while our tasting room remained​ closed for tastings.​”

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