Texas Hill Country Wineries Elects a New President

John Rivenburgh, winemaker, grape grower, and owner of Kerrville Hills Winery, has been elected President of the Texas Hill Country Wineries is a non-profit trade association, for the 2021 term. Rivenburgh will devote his presidency to elevating awareness of the Texas Hill Country as a premier wine region with a cohesive marketing program.

The Texas Hill Country has become a top destination for wine tourism in the United States drawing visitors from around the world. Texas wineries are particularly attractive to guests who are drawn by the excellent quality of the region’s wines, the scenic views of the rolling hills studded with wildflowers and majestic oak trees, and the proximity of more than 60 easily accessible wineries making both week-long trips and day trips feasible. The Texas Hill Country Wineries plays an essential role in promoting the development of the member wineries in the Texas Hill Country American Viticulture Area by promoting wines produced in the Hill Country and overall awareness of the industry to draw visitors to the region.

“Since our first commercial grapes were planted in Texas more than 50 years ago, we have endeavored to be a globally recognized wine region,” said John Rivenburgh, president of the Texas Hill Country Wineries. “We want the world to know what Texans already know: wines made in Texas are amazing. Never has the time been more pertinent than now. With the growth of the industry and advances in both viticulture and winemaking techniques, the Texas Hill Country has never had a better collection of wines produced by original pioneering wineries, classic estates, small family-owned wineries, new energetic craftsman, and the latest vanguard natural wine producers.”

Texas wines have garnered national attention in recent years with wineries winning numerous medals at prestigious international competitions, and prominent wine writers have discovered the region produces excellent quality wines. However, the Texas wine industry has an opportunity to tell its story to a larger audience. Rivenburgh recognizes that other wine regions in the U.S. have formed associations to successfully create a regional wine identity and plans to focus the efforts of the Texas Hill Country Wineries in a similar way.

During Rivenburgh’s presidency, the Texas Hill Country Wineries will initiate a new marketing campaign to better tell the world about Texas wines. A core theme will be to invite visitors to Texas to experience the beautiful landscapes, enjoy the stunning regional cuisine, and meet the fiercely passionate and proud people who grow the grapes, make the wine, and operate wineries.

About Texas Hill Country Wineries

Texas Hill Country Wineries is a non-profit trade association, established in 1999 by a group of 8 wineries to promote their tasting rooms and wine. The association currently has 62 winery members with the purpose to promote the development of the member wineries in the Texas Hill Country AVA by promoting Hill Country produced wines, increasing visitors, and overall awareness of the industry. We reveal a diversity of passion in the personalities of the many member wineries, cultivating a spectacular experience for the adventurous visitors and wine lovers to share our unparalleled hospitality. The community of Texas Hill Country Wineries presents the independent origins of our craft while promoting our thriving and trailblazing winery members. A Board of seven members, with the support of the grower, winemaker, marketing, events, legislative, and community outreach committees, oversee all planning and operations for the association, making events, scholarships, and more possible for member wineries.

 About Kerrville Hills Winery

Sitting at the highest point in Kerr County, overlooking the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Kerrville Hills Winery (KHW) was the first winery established in Kerrville. In 2019, John Rivenburgh purchased Kerrville Hills to establish a wine incubator; a communal space for educated winemaking accelerating boutique operations. John has deep roots in the Texas Hill Country, is an award-winning winemaker, and has a passion for growing high-quality, sustainable Texas grapes.

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