The Info a DTC Platform Is Sharing About Buyer Behavior

The creators of a free ebook said they want to help wineries decode consumer preferences and buyer behavior and learn how to grow and maintain their wine clubs.

The ebook, titled “The Data That’s Changing Winery DTC,” focuses on the shift in consumer preferences in 2021 and provides an analysis of how it will shape the direct to consumer winery industry in the future, said Zach Kamphuis, VP of Business Development for Commerce 7,  a DTC platform company that published their findings.

According to the ebook, the ecommerce channel, which saw sizable growth in 2020, has pulled back to a higher baseline. The growth combined with tasting rooms reopening has been positive for direct to consumer sales.

Data from Commerce7, a company that manages wine clubs, customer service, consumer profiles and keeps track of buyer behavior for more than 750 wineries, showed that wineries that implemented subscription style clubs saw 48% of their members sign up from their website, compared to just 19.5% for traditional clubs. Club members made, on average, 4.17 orders before signing up for the club.

“We’re really excited about what we found this year,” Kamphuis said. “Digging through our data we’ve found a lot of great insights that we’re looking forward to sharing with the industry and encouraging our clients to act on.”

Key elements of the report include: 

  • What impacts club acquisition, lifetime value, and retention
  • How consumers’ online shopping preferences are changing
  • What all high performing wineries had in common

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