The Keys to Drive Consumers to Your Brand

Discovering what drives your brand can be key in future success. Especially with the pandemic of 2020 hitting so many businesses so hard, being able to adapt along with knowing what is a key growth driver can be essential toward continuing forward.

Lost Draw Cellars​’ experience is one of the drivers that draws people to ​the Fredericksburg​, Texas facility.

​”​It’s a winery that people can feel comfortable being at and relating to because we’re accepting of all wine drinkers, from the novice to the ​Master ​Sommelier​,” said Lost Draw Winemaker Andrew Sides​. ​”​Everyone can appreciate something different about our experience and like our wine for different reasons.​”​

​Sides said that sharing the story of the winery makes them likable.

“People can really understand that we’re making wine with intent and with purpose,” he said. “It’s truly a way of life for us, something that we’re passionate about.”

Harkness Edwards​ Vineyards​ started pushing online sales and free local delivery during ​the initial ​quarantine and now​, says Manager Nini​ ​Edwards, the winery ​can’t afford to stop​ it.

“It has been a challenge and a different space to conquer, but I highly recommend committing to online sales​,” she said. ​”​We are planning on continuing this as the ​No. 1 sales force.

​”​If you would have asked me ​six​ months ago​,​ e-commerce would not have come up at all, and now it’s our ​No. 1 … crazy​.”​

Harkness Edwards​ ​always had an e-commerce presence, but it didn’t take off until ​it was offered free delivery. ​Edwards said they deliver within a 45​-​minute​ driving​ radius around the vineyard.

​”​You’d be surprised how many people live in this radius​,” she said of the Winchester, Kentucky facility​. ​”​Though such a small area relatively speaking, it’s been a game-changer.​”​

One of the biggest growth drivers to date​ for Fox Run Vineyard​ has been convincing ​its Rochester​, New York​​ ​market that ​the Seneca Lake-area facility is less than an hour away.

​”​We’ve grown our customer base there through billboards, distribution, and tastings at the local liquor stores, and working together with surrounding wineries to recommend customers continue driving south to discover us and wineries beyond us,” explained the ownership of ​Scott & Ruth Osborn​; Albert & Kathleen Zafonte​ and Marketing Manager​​ ​Samantha Dreverman​.​

Another growth driver has been ​the winery’s café, which opened in 2000 when there​ weren’t many dining options along the ​local ​wine trail.

​”​The café and our focus on food and wine experiences have differentiated us and continue to be a growth driver​,” the Fox Run team said.​

Adaptation to growth was important for Fox Run as ​every year, they hold an annual Garlic Festival.

The event has transformed and grown over the last 28 years and now attracts around 13,000 people. The Fox Run team said they have had to make a lot of changes to accommodate such an enormous event and it’s taught them a lot about holding our smaller events as well.

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