The Packaging Sans Wine is Using to Attract New Consumers

Since its inception in 2015, you might say Sans Wine Co. has maintained a “can-do” attitude.

Until recently, the Saint Helena, California wine company that specializes in organic wines packaged its product exclusively in cans.

That changed at the end of last year, when Sans Wine Co. announced it would begin offering a 100% Carignan in a 750mL bottle.

“We always knew we would eventually bottle some wine, it was just a matter of when,” said Gina Schober, who co-owns Sans Wine Co. with her husband, Jake Stover. “There are situations where a bottled wine might be more appropriate, and we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to take our wines along anywhere and for any occasion.”

Despite a relatively short time in existence, the canned wines and a relationship with Whole Foods have contributed to a fairly widespread distribution. Sans Wine Co. can be found at retailers in California, Texas, Georgia, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee and Maine.

“We have been very wholesale focused since our first release, as canned wines do very well in the retail market,” Schober said. “We have always been focused on creating relationships with independent grocers and wine shop buyers, along with regional and national retailers like Whole Foods. 

While DTC sales have been strong during the COVID-19 pandemic, Schober said having relationships with national retailers was a valuable tool for promoting brand awareness.

“The COVID-19 shutdown actually increased our DTC sales immensely, but having a placement in Whole Foods is helping with brand awareness and our customers in other states can now decide to pick up bottle or can of our wine during their grocery shop without having to wait for a wine delivery from California,” Schober explained.

And, of course, having a traditional packaging item is also helpful for potential audience expansion, perhaps encouraging consumers to try their other offerings.

“The bottle in Whole Foods is also reaching customers who might still be hesitant about trying a canned wine first,” she said. “We are hopeful that the Carignan bottle placement will also drive the Whole Foods shopper to their canned wine section, where you can find a lineup of our canned wines in various Whole Foods stores across the country.”

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