The Value Email Continues to Provide

Wineries continue to sing the praises of email as a selling tool, even as social media continues to seemingly pick up steam as a means of marketing.

For some, it provides a stable-but-growing base of one-time and regular customers who could potentially continue to make purchases if properly engaged.

“We have a current email audience of 100,593 contacts,” said Andrea Hartman, Marketing Director of Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, Ohio. “Email lists, especially our own organic email list, are extremely important to us. 

“We find that our guest list is still very engaging and interested in receiving news about us through email. It is a great way for us to communicate to our guests about upcoming events.”

Roxanne Myers, President of Lost Oak Winery in Burleson, Texas emphasized the need to get customer data and customer information and said email remained an important tool for doing that.

“In Texas, we weren’t closed as long as some parts of the United States…or, rather, we were closed for a long time, but we reopened quicker,” she said. “So for a year, it wasn’t business as usual. But getting customer information is critical for marketing in general, so you should never stop. And we never did stop.”

Myers said Lost Oak sends a newsletter out once a month, but combines it with weekly e-mails to target lists. 

“And as far as how the messaging has evolved, we were pushing them to the digital space and doing e-commerce during the COVID era, and now they’re visiting more tasting rooms, but you still need to remind them of when they visited your tasting rooms,” Myers said. “So you create drip campaigns that say, ‘Hey, you came and enjoyed this Tempranillo, why don’t you try the newest vintage?’

“You just keep targeting and re-targeting them.”

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