These Partners Aim to Mitigate Smoke Taint Damage

Ag-Tech company Purfresh Wine and Tastry, a sensory sciences company, are collaborating to mitigate smoke taint damage to grapes. 

Purfresh Wine uses O3 technology to treat wine grapes pre-crush. At measured and monitored concentrations, O3 gas treatments improve anthocyanin levels, round tannins, and remove bacteria, mold, pesticides, and smoke taint from grape skins, prior to fermentation. The treatments improve desired characteristics in wine and remove the smoke molecules, allowing them to be processed into wine without the smoke flavors and aromas that would otherwise render a wine unsellable. 

Tastry then uses advanced chemistry, machine learning, and proprietary artificial intelligence to predict how successfully the treated wines will perform on the market. 

“Over the last few years, we have had the privilege of working with extraordinary winemakers in an effort to evaluate the efficacy of various methods to remediate the effects of smoke-taint,” said Katerina Axelsson, founder and CEO of Tastry. “Unlike most approaches, the Purfresh Wine solution addresses the problem in the vineyard without impacting winemaking operations and is the only solution we have evaluated that provides additional benefits to the fruit beyond a meaningful reduction in smoke-taint compounds.” 

Tastry said its AI has demonstrated that wines treated with Purfresh Wine’s technology perform better than untreated wines in key consumer profile preference bell curve areas.

“Purfresh Wine sees Tastry as providing additional brushes of colors for winemakers to work with when it comes to assessing the quality and consumer preference aspects of wine, and overall understanding a wine’s flavor compounds and ratios,” said Purfresh Wine founder and CEO Christian DeBlasio. “Tastry takes on the role of a skilled conservator, helping to deliver works of art and to understand how consumers will perceive the treated wines. It is an ideal partnership for our aligned missions to serve the wine industry.”

To support wineries, Tastry is offering reduced pricing on all smoke marker analyses and related services.

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