Three Brothers Wineries & Estates Collaborates with Olympic Athlete

Three Brothers Wineries & Estates (TBW) is excited to release Bravey Rosé, a collaboration with Olympic runner and award-winning actor and writer Alexi Pappas. In 2021 Pappas published “Bravey,” a memoir sharing her life experiences about “how we can all overcome hardship, befriend pain, celebrate victory, relish the loyalty found in teammates, and claim joy. In short: how every one of us can become a bravey.”

A mutual friend connected Pappas and TBW President Erica Paolicelli in 2021, that’s when the idea for a collaboration was born. “Our ‘Women of Distinction’ wine series designs wines that honor female voices, and Alexi was a perfect fit,” Paolicelli said.

“I was so thrilled and honored when they invited me to be a part of it, ” said Pappas. “In discussing the characteristics of a Bravey wine, we decided that it would be something poppy, refreshing, bright, and dry. The result is a rosé that I hope you’ll enjoy under the sun this spring!”

“The spotlight that Alexi’s influence shines on Finger Lakes dry rosé and Three Brothers is really exciting for us,” Paolicelli said, “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to see what a collaboration like this can do for our business.”

Made in the heart of the Finger Lakes, Bravey Rosé is a refreshing dry rosé made with a blend of Barbera, Zweigelt, Cabernet Franc, and Pinot Noir grapes.

Bravey Rosé’s official release to the public is April 1.

Learn More about Bravey Rosé on our website

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