Three Quick Things To Remember About Marketing

Members of Vintner Magazine’s growing expert panel of regular contributors are great at sharing simple truths that have helped them launch their wineries and keep them moving forward.

Our September/October issue of Vintner Magazine featured an article about expert tips for promoting your brand. In this supplement to the issue, professionals who spoke with us on the topic each shared one key thing they find important to remember.

Understand the quality of your brand’s voice

Like people, each brand has a unique way of talking and presenting itself to the world.

“People want to feel an authentic sense of connection through communications, the website, emails, promotion materials, or anything else that is engaging,” said Lindsey Morse, Vice President of Marketing for Stoller Wine Group.

Brand positioning matters

For Jim Bernau, CEO of Willamette Valley Vineyards, it’s important to focus on brand positioning and the consistent pattern of quality and brand promise integrity in every aspect of the wine and experiences offered.

“Deputize every employee and brand stakeholder in supporting your messaging,” he said. “Constantly build enthusiasm and conviction for why you do what you do and how your activities enrich others lives. It’s not about you, it’s about them.”

Newsletters and email databases are worth it

Gervasi Vineyard’s Director of Marketing Andrea Hartman said audiences will respond to e-mails and newsletters, especially when the message is positive.

“Also, keeping up with your customers’ reviews through social media and other platforms is extremely important,” she added. “Our brand manager is always reviewing our social media accounts and third-party platforms for customer reviews. If reviews are not answered in a timely manner they can cause more harm than good.”

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