Two Ways Flat Top Hills Is Building Connections

The C. Mondavi Family recently announced two ways it plans to broaden the audience for its Flat Top Hills brand, introducing a new varietal and facilitating an additional option for purchasing it.

The company said last week that it was introducing a new 2021 Pinot Noir and would allow customers to purchase the wine directly from its Flat Top Hills website.

The wine with a suggested retail price of $15.99 will be available for purchase on the website on Sept. 1, and will be widely available at retail outlets and in restaurants.

“Shopping habits have changed so much in the past two years – being able to purchase directly from our website is the right thing for our fans. Partnering with VinoShipper makes it easy. Their platform is streamlined, flexible, and integrates well with our systems,” said Pam Novak, Senior Marketing Director, C. Mondavi & Family. “Adding this new capability to our site means we’re able to build stronger connections with our consumers.”

Characteristics of Flat Top Hills Pinot Noir include a ripe raspberry and cherry aroma on the nose, along with savory herbs and a touch of mint. Flavors of plum combine with earthy cedar and tobacco. The wine has bright acidity and a lingering finish. 

Head Winemaker Randy Herron said the Pinot Noir had been in the plans for Flat Top Hills for awhile, but the winery needed to find the right vineyard sources in multiple growing regions.

The announcement was made ahead of Pinot Noir Day, which fell last week.

 “We chose to blend our new Pinot Noir from a few different growing regions, so we were able to highlight distinct nuances in the fruit,” Herron said. “Warmer vineyards, like our own Dunnigan Hills vines and those from District 17, provide lots of body, while cooler areas like Carneros and Monterey lend the beautiful bright acidity and red stone fruit flavors.”

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