Using Your Land To Tell Your Wine’s Story

If your winery is situated on interesting land in a forgiving climate, why not use these attributes to your advantage?

That’s what Alamo Rosa Winery is doing, adding hiking tours to its menu in an effort to attract visitors who enjoy captivating scenery and pairing their wine with a bit of physical activity.

General Manager Debra Eagle said the move made sense for the winery’s historic El Jabali Estate, located in Santa Barbara County’s Santa Rita Hills AVA. The land’s rugged mountain terrain, winding paths and views of the Santa Rita Hills make it an attractive destination for hikers, spanning 628 acres in northern Santa Barbara County with just 38 acres planted to vine.

“Owners Bob and Barb Zorich and I are health enthusiasts, and we love sharing the ranch with guests who share our passion for physical activity and, of course, great wine,” Eagle said.

Alma Rosa is promoting two different hiking tour and tasting combinations designed to showcase different areas of the property and offer varying levels of intensity. Each offer tastings during the hike and conclude with wine and cheese.

The Caracol Hike is an approximately one-mile round trip and features a steep climb up to the winery’s iconic Caracol vineyard block, which was planted by winery founder Richard Sanford. Sanford planted the unique, spiral-shaped block to a selection of different clones and rootstocks in a radiating pattern, with each row having a different orientation to the sun. 

Guests will be greeted with a splash of wine and will continue their tasting experience while enjoying a view of the valley at the top of the Caracol. 

At just over two miles, the Attente Hike begins at Alma Rosa’s historic Ranch House and takes visitors through Pinot Noir vineyards, open grasslands and oak woods up to the highest elevation vineyard, which is planted with Grenache and Syrah. 

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