Weed Cellars Appoint Rabinoff as Director of Sales

Weed Cellars™ announced the appointment of Eric Rabinoff as its Senior Vice President of Sales. Rabinoff, who was previously Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Enovation Brands, has spent his entire career within the alcohol space, including 26 years in sales at Don Sebastiani & Sons, most recently as Senior Vice President of Sales; National Sales Manager.

It was during Rabinoff’s tenure at Sebastiani, that he met Jim Moeller who is currently a Managing Partner at Weed Cellars. “Over this past year, Jim has been updating me on the development of Weed Cellars,” he says. “When Jim told me Weed Cellars was positioned to roll-out nationally, I knew this role was for me. From the cutting-edge name and packaging to its marketing strategies, the company takes everything I have ever learned and admired and catapults it to the next level.”

Weed Cellars is a lifestyle brand comprising a highly-rated portfolio of wines, straight bourbon whiskey, beer and ale. Behind Weed Cellars works an impressive team of creative and sharp advisors, including business savants, country music icons and sports stars, who further perpetuate the brand’s reach through their own respective channels of public relations, social media, concerts and events.

The brand’s Weed Light beer is a proud partner of the Gary Sinise Foundation, while Weed Straight Bourbon Whiskey (retail price $39.99), not yet on shelves, has already received a 93-point rating from Tasting Panel Magazine’s Meridith May.

“Simply put, we wanted the best National Sales Manager the industry has to offer,” says Jim Moeller of Rabinoff’s appointment. “Eric is connected to the alcohol business’s most relevant distributors and has a proven track record of building successful teams.”

Weed Cellars pioneered the concept of a single brand transcending multiple alcohol categories, a move not previously seen within the alcohol space. “Having a portfolio consisting of beer, bourbon whiskey and wine is virtually unheard of in this industry,” Rabinoff states. “All brands have a life cycle, and the ability to discover new and exciting brands that create an emotional connection with the customer is the key to their future success. This is what generates the revenue stream that the trade is constantly clamoring to find.”

Weed Cellars’ 750ml wines’ $14.99 price-point has undoubtedly contributed to the brand’s accessibility and explains its seamless roll-out; the wines are consistently scoring 90, 91 and 92 in consumer and alcohol trade publications across the board – unusually high points for a wine at this price point. Additionally, Weed Cellars’ Prosecco 750 ml, is set to release in August of 2020, and will retail at $12.99. Its 120 oz. canned beers retail at $8.99 and $15.99 for a six-pack and 12-pack, respectively.

Weed Cellars is currently sold in Pavillions, H-E-B, and Spec’s among other retailers across the country.

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