What a Survey Revealed About US Rosé Consumption

Rosé aficionados are perhaps thought of as reserving that particular wine for when the weather turns warmer, but Italian brand Santa Margherita recently conducted a survey they say dispels that belief and revealed more about how Americans consume it.

Santa Margherita recently introduced its new Rosé that was grown and produced in Italy in the United States, and released the results of its Google Survey, which contained responses from more than 1,300 Americans

The wine will be distributed year round, nationwide in the US.

The survey’s findings included:

  • 82% disagreed with the statement that drinking Rosé was only for warm summer months
  • 41% said nothing was better than enjoying a glass of Rosé at home.
  • Favorite occasions for enjoying Rosé also included over dinner (20%), at a rooftop gathering (16%), on the beach (15%) and apres skiing (8%).
  • A cheese board (26%) was listed as the most preferred pairing
  • Other respondents said they most enjoyed the wine with chicken or pizza (15% each), seafood (14%), dessert (12%), brunch (11%) and sushi (7%)
  • Favorite situations for drinking Rosé, according to the survey, include dinner (22%), fun in the sun (12%), beachtime relaxation (9%), and “pregaming” a night out (4%)

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