What Is Helping Hammeken Cellars Continue Growing

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Nicholas Hammeken, founder and director of innovation of Hammeken Cellars, which is based in Alicante on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, is a cellarmaster by training who developed an appreciation for the consumer appeal of approachable quality wines after years in the retail sector. 

By 2001, following years of travel in Spain, Hammeken developed his approach: to use indigenous fruit from Spain to create fresh, approachable wines with partners who share his vision. Hammeken works with long-term partners to source fruit in over 18 regions. 

Wine Director Marcelo Morales brings over 20 years of winemaking experience to lead a team of six winemakers throughout Spain to directly manage every aspect from the vineyard to maturation. 

Hammeken exports over 1.5 million cases each year to over 30 countries. Top brands include Radio Boka, Tosalet (Priorat), Oráculo (Ribera del Duero) and Pasas (Yecla). 

VINTNER: What’s ahead for Hammeken Cellars? 

HAMMEKEN: This summer, we announced a new partnership with German winemaker Gerd Stepp (past winemaker and buyer for Marks & Spencer). Gerd and Hammeken Cellars Winemaker Marcelo Morales, and team are collaborating on the art of winemaking. 

Through this collaboration, our team will gain additional knowledge and exploration with a focus on learning about improved pH levels, acidity, enhanced strains of yeast for fermentation and vaster variety of oak to use in our wines. This partnership marks an important milestone for the growth strategy of Hammeken Cellars, as we continue to meet increased customer demand and serve our global partners. 

On the technological side, our team has grown. We are working with a new social media member to help us grow our social media platforms and social presence. We believe that this advancement will support growth for our brands in the future. 

VINTNER: What were some key growth drivers in 2021? Do you expect them to continue to drive growth?

HAMMEKEN: Our biggest growth driver has been our Sedosa Organic Rosé. Our Organic wines continue to do very well and we expect to cross the 50% boundary of our total production in 2022. We also expect strong growth for our Premium Rosé wines in the next year. 

Late harvest Monastrell wines from Murcia at Hammeken Cellars are also continuing to perform strongly in 2021. Consumers are enjoying that these wines offer a balance between mature flavors and sweetness. We see this continuing to perform strongly and well in 2022. 

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