What to Consider When Shopping for Outside Shipping Help

William Chris Vineyards and Papapietro Perry Winery are half a country away from each other, but they have one thing in common, beside the fact they both make wine.

They got too big to ship internally and sought outside help.

Anthony Harvell, Director of DTC Sales & Operations for William Chris, said the Central Texas winery’s shipping volume had increased significantly over the past year.

The company that handles their shipping works with them to protect their customers’ shipments from the cruel, unforgiving Texas heat.

“We work closely with our amazing shipping partner WineCub here in the Texas Hill Country to handle all of our DTC shipping needs, including our wine club and eCommerce orders,” Harvell said. “To combat the Texas heat, we use cold packs in the summer and keep most of our club shipments to the cooler months of the year.”

Renae Perry, CEO and co-owner of Papapietro Perry Winery in Sonoma County, swears by Wineshipping to handle its winery’s shipments.

“We ship a lot of wine,” she said. “We are fortunate that we have shipping locations on both coasts to service our customers so orders can be received quickly and as economically as possible.”

Perry said it was important to find a shipping company that can service your specific needs. In Papapietro Perry’s case, that included being able to store the wine it was shipping.

Even with a great wine shipping partner, getting wine to customers during a period of increased demand (such as a pandemic) has its challenges, and sometimes accepting limitations is a must.

The virtual events the winery hosted were partially responsible for it shipping more wine than it ever had before.

“We are still dependent on UPS and FedEx to do their part which has been challenging during the pandemic,” Perry said. “They had increased demand and were short staffed. 

“Customers don’t really care whose fault it is when their shipment doesn’t arrive on time. We have learned to set reasonable expectations for our customers.”

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