Why Schenk is Using a Cardboard Bottle for Planet B

Alternative packaging continues to be buzzworthy as winery owners try to get in front of supply chain issues and lessen their impact on the environment.

Schenk Wines is using a cardboard bottle produced by Frugalpac to contain its eco-friendly, organic Spanish red wine Planet B. The bottle is made from a cardboard shell which uses 94% recycled paperboard, a food grade pouch and a stelvin screw cap for a closure.

The bottle is five times lighter than glass and has a carbon footprint six times lower than a conventional bottle, Marketing Director David Tromans said. 

The alternative packaging does not save any money on production costs, Tromans said.

“The margins are roughly the same as on a conventional bottle,” he explained. “The main benefits are environmental.

“A conventional bottle weighs around 400g, and the cardboard bottle weighs only 83g. In terms of logistics, transporting lighter loads is more environmentally friendly. Overall, its carbon footprint is six times lower than a conventional bottle.”

For now, Planet B’s organic red wine will remain the only SKU Schenk has that will feature a cardboard bottle.

“Consumer demand for alternative packaging is still relatively modest and traditional bottles remain the consumer’s preferred format,” Tromans said. “This type of packaging isn’t suitable for all wines. For wines with a longer aging potential and less stock rotation, glass bottles remain more suitable. 

“For this type of packaging, our bottling line also has to be adapted, which presents a few technical challenges.”

The cardboard bottle is part of Schenk’s working toward becoming a carbon neutral wine producer by 2030, Tromans said.

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