Why this Napa Cabernet Giant Changed Its Name

Going forward, The Hess Collection will be known as Hess Persson Estates, the Napa Valley wine producer announced this week. 

The new name recognizes the business’s identity as a luxury wine producer with two distinct portfolios — the Hess Collection and the Lions Head Collection. The new name is intended to bring together next generation stewardship and an elevated reimagination of the winery’s direct-to-consumer and club experiences.

During the past decade, Hess Persson Estates under the leadership of Sabrina and Timothy Persson significantly shifted its emphasis towards luxury Cabernet Sauvignon.

“We continue our long-standing vision to be a leading family owned and operated producer of luxury wines with a special focus on Cabernet Sauvignon,” CEO & Proprietor Timothy Persson said. “Our dedication to quality and sustainability is of utmost importance, and we continue our commitment to preserve the land for future generations.”

In 2015, the company  launched the Lions Head luxury Collection, spearheaded by the Lion Tamer Cabernet Sauvignon. The focus on luxury Cabernet has been reinforced through the acquisition of new vineyards in Napa Valley, investments in state-of-the-art winery facilities, and in driving sustained growth of the Hess Collection’s Allomi Cabernet.

“In the last 10 years, we’ve been through an earthquake, a landslide, two wildfires, severe drought and of course the pandemic. Notwithstanding these challenges, our team, brands and vineyards have excelled and so we are both ready and excited for what the future now holds,” Timothy Persson said.

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