Why Yes We Can Made the Label Switch to Printed Cans

With a change late in 2020 to the types of containers wineries can use to sell products nationally, the chance to can has become even easier and more flexible.

Many wineries already have been able to sell canned wine in certain package sizes for years for in-state sales. But this opens the opportunity to really grow the segment.

With sizing issues cleared, being able to decide on how to label those packages becomes another issue. For Texas’ Yes We Can Wine, cost-effectiveness was key, said co-owner Chris Brundrett.

The wine company started with shrink-wrap labels on its aluminum cans but quickly switched to printed cans for sale.

“Printed cans … can reduce cost significantly,” Brundrett said. We’ve used shrink wrap in the past however, it really drove the cost of the packaging up. Not only do they look better they cost less.”

The downside to printed cans, Brundrett said, is that they are pretty committed to packaging the volume of the cans that they purchase.

“We cannot change info on the cans from run to run,” he added. One solution to such a problem could be creating a sticker to add to the can to update changes in ABV or variety.

“Applying it would have to be by hand which would make it pretty cost-prohibitive,” he said. “We’re pretty happy with the packaging currently.”

​Along with picking the right label, showcasing the brand via smart label art is paramount.

After releasing its sparkling wine for decades in bottles, MAWBY just released cans for the first time in May 2020.

Marketing Manager Claire ​Lepine​ said when it came to a can run, consumers would be willing​ ​to try the wine in the new packaging because of ​the long history and reputation​ of the brand.

“But because we had just rebranded, we picked out a few key designs from the rebrand and put those on the can and tried to make the name MAWBY big,” ​she said.​

The artist that designed the cans has been working with MAWBY for four iterations of labels.

The higher-end wine labels ​for bottles ​were made to look a little more sophisticated, while the less expensive wines have a more fun label.

The new branding shows a departure from a traditional label to a more modern look that reflects the brand.

Callie Miller contributed to this article.​ ​Photos courtesy of Yes We Can Wine

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