Social Media’s Role in Wine Sales

Our world is saturated with social media, so we’ve naturally come to underestimate its value as a digital marketing and sales tool. Social media is no longer just about vanity metrics and casual content — it’s a bonafide marketplace where visual strategy brings your brand to life.

Small businesses like wineries can use social media platforms to reach new customers, create a relationship with those customers, use the data from those relationships to build overarching strategy, and most importantly, sell wine. A well-branded and engaging social media profile connects with people on a personal level, converting them into loyal customers and even club members. Your winery’s Instagram account is where you tell your story in a visual and approachable way, with photo and video content of your team, winery, and guests. It’s your bread and butter, and it’s how you’re going to bring in the new, younger generation.

Boosting social media posts to specific audiences on Facebook and Instagram can seem trivial, but it’s how you find your target customers, down to their age group, location, and interests. Knowing how to build and pivot social media audiences is a constantly moving piece in the digital marketing machine, and it takes a dedicated ad spend to see success. Over the years, we’ve grown wineries’ social media audiences by 300%, impressions by 500%, and link clicks by 1,000% — metrics that directly correlate with wine sales. It works.

Social media is constantly changing how we create, distribute and consume content. We have to expe iment beyond traditional social media posting to keep up with the digital marketing current. We’ve seen a lot of success for our clients with Lead Ge eration Ads, which you’ve probably seen on Facebook. 

Imagine your winery’s name with a photo of your family or tasting room, a caption about inviting the viewer to sign-up for exclusive wine offers, and then a button that says “Sign Up”. The button takes the viewer to a simple form on Facebook where they join your winery’s newsletter. Boom, a lead. 

Again, we’ve seen a spend of $250 bring in 300 email sign-ups. It really works. Many people tell us that simply managing their social media accounts is tough, and they’re not wrong. Content creation can be exhausting and is an area where a lot of wineries fall short, because it requires consistent strategy, design and creativity. Our team builds out custom 90-day content calendars for each client, and it’s broken down to a weekly outline of ca paigns created around holidays, events, and wine promotions.

Then, we schedule posts one month at a time, including photos, captions, and tracked links to any wines, reservation platforms, and blogs included in the posts. There’s a science to social media, and our job is to help your winery master the elements so we can tell your story and sell wine.

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