Consumer Trends Developing Now That Could Impact Your Winery Later

Adapting to consumer purchasing trends can be tricky, but a necessity to thrive in a crowded wine market.

Although larger and more established brands may not need to move its business plan’s needle too far one way or another, staying flexible in how consumers are purchasing wine, what they are buying, and where they are buying it from is important to take note of.

Andrew Sides of Lost Draw Cellars sees that younger generations are becoming more adventurous about the wines that they try.

“And consumers [are] focusing on locally grown wines, both of which will benefit Texas wine in general,” Sides said. Lost Draw opened its doors to the public in Fredericksburg, Texas in 2014.

Sides feels that the traditional wine club is also becoming a bit stale.

“I expect wine will transition to a subscription-based model eventually, but it’s still in its infancy,” he noted. “We’re also still studying ways people are subscribing to things, especially online.”

Erica Paolicelli, the Vice President and Partner at Three Brothers Winery and Estates agrees with that sentiment.

“Consumers are more comfortable than they’ve ever been purchasing wine online,” she said. “Our industry must continue with this momentum and lean into our eCommerce strategy.

Developing those strategies now may end up becoming the norm later.

A winery like Penns Woods has initiated a more rigorous and detailed online programming to keep current customers involved and active while hopes are to gain new customers even though they may not want to visit the winery at this time. Penns Wood has ramped up its online presence by linking a lot of its platforms together along with bringing things back its blog.

Since the pandemic started, Stella Rosa has had to adapt operations at the winery as well, including going virtual in several other avenues as well, including adopting food delivery apps, offering more deals online, and hosting live virtual wine tastings through social media accounts.

Wente Vineyards in Livermore, California launched a wine tasting app on May 5 that has had roughly 50 people a week going through the experience.

Since creating a specific social media job, Billsboro Winery’s social media engagement has jumped exponentially, helping in marketing and sales.

”We use it to sell products, get involvement in events, and to promote new markets,” Kim Aliperti said recently. “However, the most valuable part of social media is maintaining connections with our customers.”

Callie Miller contributed to this report​. Photo courtesy Penns Wood Winery Facebook.

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